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Tired of looking at that same, ugly stain?

Whether it’s grubby carpets that aren’t like they once were, or the accidental spillage on the couch, we’ve got you covered.

Floor Clean Toowoomba combine years of know-how and experience to give you advice you can understand and the service you need.

From carpet and floor care to general cleaning and pest control, we are dedicated to cleanliness and will stop at nothing to make your house, your business and your belongings look and feel like new.

Our Services

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

We tackle the tough stained carpets, clean and polish hardwood, laminated and concrete surfaces, as well as offer friendly advice on floor care.

Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning

Sofas and lounge suites come in all shapes and size; fabrics too. Keeping them clean can be tricky, but experience helps us to determine the best approach everytime.

Tiles, Grout and Shower Glass

Over time, grime, dirt and mould will build up around wet areas. We offer safe and affordable techniques to have your bathrooms sparkling once again.

Exterior, Roof and Solar Panels

The harsh Queensland climate can deteriorate our home's exterior and solar panel efficiency. We have tried and tested solutions to help care for your investment.

Carpet & Vinyl Installation

Replacing old flooring as a part of a DIY? One thing you want to ensure is installed correctly are your carpets and vinyls. We have experience to ensure it's done right the first time.

Pest Control

Keep your family safe and the creepy crawlies away by regularly spraying for all common pests and rodents.

Before After

Frequently Asked Questions

After we’ve cleaned your carpets, we recommend allowing 4 – 6 hours for it to dry.

It’s ok to walk on it, but only with clean shoes. Don’t walk on the carpet with socks or bare feet.

It depends on the type of fabric, but generally speaking it should only take 1 – 2 hours.

Simply put – air flow. Any fans, air conditioners or dehumidifiers will help. Don’t use heat. Keeping doors and windows open will assist in ventilation.

The choice is yours. If you’re looking for wall to wall cleaning, then clearing the furniture out of the room is necessary. It is however significantly cheaper if you simply want the main areas cleaned around your furniture.

Short answer, No. Using the correct chemical for the type of carpet is essential. If the wrong chemical is used, it will definitely ruin the carpet. We are trained and qualified to assess all types of carpets and know what to use.

We recommend a loop pile Nylon. It has more resilience and is harder wearing. If however you have pets, in this case we’d recommend twist-cut loop carpet.

Absolutely. We can offer you an obligation-free quote and then book a time to book a time to install the carpet for you.

Don’t use cleaning products – water is the best treatment. Simply dab the affected area with a cloth. DON’T RUB OR SCRUB! Tapping with a small brush also helps as this get down in to the fibres.

We do general pest control for domestic and commercial, including cockroaches, ants, silverfish, flees and spiders.

Floor Clean Toowoomba service Toowoomba and surrounding areas including Highfields and The Lockyer Valley.

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